Goose DeFi fork The source code is forked from Goose DeFi, minimal modifications have been made. For us, Goose FeFi is a great example of a safe and functional farm. So we will try to follow the same steps.

Removed migrator code This means that it is impossible to migrate staked assets or liquidity pools by the development team. The decision to remove the migrator code has been taken away to ensure the trust of our investors and community.

Ownership renounced Once liquidity is added, the ownership of the token will be transferred to masterchef contract, which basically controls the token emission and distribution.

1 Week Timelock Timelock has been added to the MasterChef contract, which means every change on the fees rate or any pool adding will be queued for 1 Week, so users can see these changes before happening.

Seed liquidity burnt One common rugpull technique is to remove th einitial liquidity of the token. To ensure users safety, as soon as we create the LP, the initial amount will be burned, so nobody has access to it ever again.

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