PolyPegasus will be launched via Fair Launch, PolyPegasus doesn't plan to hold any presale. Presale only benefits the team behind the project to make a big chunk of money before the project has launched. Almost all of the presale farms face a more than 100% price dump right at launch. So be aware of phishing and scammers.

What does a fair launch mean for us?

It means that we want everyone to get profit from remarkably high APYs when you jump into a very fresh project. We do not want our farmers to be exposed to the high risk of a price dump.

500,000 PEGASUS will be pre-minted by the team to provide initial liquidity in Quickswap.

The team will use its own funds to provide initial liquidity. 5,000 USDC and 500,000 PEGASUS has been added in liquidity of PEGASUS-USDC LP on Quickswap.

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